Leapers Connect Consultancy

We are an online business consulting company that focuses on helping small business owners figure out how to get and maintain a successful business. We help our clients get clear on what aspects of their business need to be restructured and how to go about restructuring them. Moreover, we provide them with unlimited support through a program that is tailored to fit their needs. We specialize in financial evaluations, branding, marketing, customer service, and sales, as well as the implementation of standard reference materials and policies.

How Our Program Works


We believe it is essential that you are clear.


Our programs were designed to fit your specific business needs.

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We don’t just want you to get clear, we want you to be STRATEGIC.


We to help you leap to your Ideal Success, but we can’t do it without you participating!

  • What Our Customers Say!

    "I have been in business for 5 years before meeting Tianna (LeapConsultant) and she helped me transform my business! I have a staffing solutions company and she helped me to get a contract that I wanted since the start of my business. To date, I have an additional 120 employees and a revenue stream that is 3X more than it was before this major contract. We did this through branding and getting things organized. I no longer have to be under a lot pressure when my assistant goes on Vacation and I have a contract with the biggest superstore in America!"

    Jermaine Baker
    CEO of First Class Hospitality Services LLC
    Florida, USA
    2017- present

  • What Our Customers Say!

    "I have been looking for a company that understands my business to help me get out of this rut I have been in for years after falling into debt ….Today, I know what my numbers really are and I feel hope - everything was clearly broken down for me."

    Pauline Williams
    International Wholesaler
    Kingston, Jamaica
    Old Tom Wholesale LLC

  • What Our Customers Say!

    "We offer consultation services and never imagined that after 11 years in business, our backs would against the wall. Working with Tianna helped us to increase our sales. She even reviewed our business internally to let us know all things that were leading to our high attrition rate and low customer retention. For the image of my business I asked to remain anonymous."

    NYC, USA

Why You Should Join Our Network

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We are a US based company!

We are business owners too!

We are transparent!

Our programs are tailored to fit your needs.

We have no hidden fees and your success is our guarantee.